About Us

We are the geospatial and landscape ecology lab located at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, University of Southern Mississippi, School of Ocean Science and Technology. Our research uses Bayesian and frequentist statistical models and simulations, geographic information systems (GIS), and field studies to understand hydrological cycle, biogeochemical processes, primary productivity, land use/land cover change, species distribution, and energy at multiple spatial and temporal scales in coastal wetlands, coastal forests, tropical forests and temporal forests.

Current lab projects include:

  • Predictive modeling of wetland landscape interactions using biogeomorphic characteristics (primary productivity, tidal ranges, wave heights), with a focus on the ecosystem services related to potential wetland loss due to sea-level rise.
  • A remote-sensing model for estimating phytoplankton fatty acid availabilities in the the northern Gulf of Mexico, and how the availabilities affect the abundance and nutritional quality of zooplankton.
  • Prediction of future climate changes impact on the Southeast U.S. high elevation forested watersheds with the biogeochemical model PnET-BGC, with a focus on the impact of human involved activities (atmospheric depositions).