About Us

We are the geospatial and landscape ecology lab located at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, School of Ocean Science and Engineering, The University of Southern Mississippi, . Our research uses Bayesian and frequentist statistical models, mechanistic models, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, mesocosm experiments, and field studies to understand landscape change, hydrological cycle, biogeochemical processes, primary productivity,  species distribution, and energy at multiple spatial and temporal scales in coastal wetlands, coastal forests, tropical forests,  temporal forests, and aquatic systems.

Current lab projects include:

  • Field studies to quantify inundation effects on marsh vegetation
  • Salt marsh upland migration: past, present, and future
  • Testing a novel method to derive gross primary productivity to inform model development for landward migration of salt marshes
  • Multi-scale evaluation of the impact of hydrological extremes on coastal wetland vegetation”. Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute
  • Developing a locally-relevant community resilience index for use with indigenous communities in the Gulf of Mexico region